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Tailored travel


An exclusive ski trip where everything is taken care of from the moment you step out the door at home to the daily events that are on the programme.

Ranging from a beautiful picknick to fine dining in a Michelin star restaurant.

Every single day is a new and unique active, culinary and cultural experience.

Voor wie?

Our trips are an unique experience, You will be escorted from the moment you leave the breakfast table.

The only thing you need to do is enjoy your ski’s carving through the snow.

No more questions about which slope to take, how we’ll get there, where can we eat or aren’t we lost? Everything is taken care of.


Our expertise is in and around the Sella Ronda aand Dolomiti mountains.
We do however also organise trips in every corner of the Alps with local and professional partners.


You choose the dates and we will work out the ideaal formula.

Do I need to be able to ski?

Your skiing ability doesn’t play a role, the daily programme is completely customised to your experience and capabilities. We ensure that you can ski in comfort and enjoy every single day. Being an experienced ski instructor I will teach all the tips and tricks to improve your skiing abilities.


The price is made up to your own needs and preferences. A tailored is as expensive or affordable as you want.

  • From a private jet to a private vehicle

  • From a 5 star hotel to a cosy little bed and breakfast

  • From culinary wonders to home made sandwiches

  • From daily helicopter flights to bus transfers

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